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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = bell_cage
Klokkenstoel Akmarijp 02w.JPG
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Status: draft

Bell cage
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Biff
Tagging: man_made=bell_cage
Applies to: node area
Definition: tag for a structure that holds (church) bells but is too low to be called a bell tower
Rendered as: icon of bell
Drafted on: 2012-10-15


I had the problem of mapping a structure that is separate from the church and houses a bell, but is not tall like a tower.

For a separate bell tower, I would have used:


However, in my opinion, low structure like the bell cages shown in the gallery above do not qualify to be called towers (please check links to see pictures from more suitable angles that show how much smaller these bell cages are than the churches they belong to). I found that the following tag has already been used a few times (e.g. [4]):


So, that's what I used, and now I'm trying to document it by writing this proposal.


Similar structures may be found in many countries, e.g.:





Example 1



The category "man_made" is proposed, mostly because man_made=bell_cage has already been used for some bell cages in the Netherlands, which is supported by man_made=campanile for similar structures in Sweden and the use of man_made=tower plus tower:type=bell_tower for normal steeples and bell towers.

Generic tags

Of course, generic tags may be used, like name=*, height=*, operator=*, access=*, source=* etc.

Applies to

A typical bell cage should be lower than 5 m. (If it's significantly higher than 5 m, then it's probably a bell tower and not a bell cage.)

If it occupies an area smaller than 5 m by 5 m then it should be mapped as a node. If it occupies a larger area, it should be mapped as an area.


An icon showing a bell would be easy to understand.

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