Proposal:DEPRECATED building=funeral hall

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DEPRECATED building=funeral hall
Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Vollis
Tagging: building=funeral_hall
Applies to:
Definition: DEPRECATED, use building=yes or whatever suits its architecture (eg. "chapel") combined with amenity=funeral_hall instead

Draft started: 2020-09-17
RFC start: 2020-09-17


Explicitly mark the tag building=funeral_hall as deprecated, writing in the wiki page only the following text:

The use of this tag is DEPRECATED, use a building tag that corresponds to the architecture like e.g. building=chapel, and if nothing else is possible building=yes, combined with amenity=funeral_hall instead.


The present proposal is an offshoot of the - now approved - proposal for amenity=funeral_hall.

During discussion there, a majority seemed to consider that there is no sufficiently typical architecture for funeral halls in order to warrant the combination building=funeral_hall.

At least as far as Germany is concerned, the contrary could only be asserted if one were to admit to consider the building in context (i.e. on a cemetery). Indeed on a cemetery, it generally will be easy to identify the funeral hall (it's the one more "dignified" than "functional" buildings such as tool sheds, administrative buildings or even a mortuary). But not by its architecture alone.

It is therefore proposed to instead use combinations such as:




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