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A place for holding a funeral ceremony, other than a place of worship Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: amenities
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The tag amenity=funeral_hall is used to map a building or part of a building designed and used for holding a funeral ceremony, other than a place of worship


Draw a node node or an area area and tag with amenity=funeral_hall.


This tag is for buildings or parts of buildings, often on a cemetery, designed and used for funeral services (i.e. ceremonies at the occasion of a funeral) that are not places of worship.

If the room is ancillary to some other facility such as an amenity=place_of_mourning, a shop=funeral_directors or an amenity=crematorium and it doesn't seem possible or appropriate to map it apart, use funeral_hall=yes on the main feature instead.

The building should be marked with building=*; if the amenity is purpose-built as a funeral hall, building=funeral_hall can be applied.

Similar tags

Place of worship

As a funeral hall in the sense of this tag is defined as being a place for holding a funeral ceremony other than a place of worship, one needs to first determine whether the building or part of a building in question isn't a place of worship (amenity=place_of_worship). Indeed, on a lot of Christian denominational cemeteries, there are "chapels" that have all the characteristics of a chapel that could be found elsewhere and which therefore can easily be categorised as a place of worship. This may even be true for some buildings on cemeteries that otherwise aren't denominational or religious; it's a question of fact and depends on actual usage. Although one should be cautious and not jump to conclusions based only on architectural style or colloquial description as e.g. a "chapel", such a building may perfectly be a place of worship. Obviously, this also applies to religions other than the Christian one. If it effectively is a place of worship, then such a (part of a) building, even on a cemetery, should be tagged as any other place of worship, and not as a funeral hall. (The contrary example also exists: a non-religious funeral hall (way 120635795) on a denominational cemetery (way 118329044 and way 41136751), established because a lot of non-members are buried there, for whom the nearby church (way 118329045) isn't an appropriate venue.[1])

However, the fact alone that the funeral ceremonies conducted in the building are allowed to be religious (while not necessarily being so), doesn't make it a place of worship.

Morgues, mortuaries etc.

Morgues, mortuaries (amenity=mortuary) and other places which are only there for the storage of dead bodies do not qualify as funeral halls. The same is true for places where a deceased person's body is kept between death and the funeral in order to allow friends and family to visit the body during that time (replacing the traditional wake at the person's residence) like e.g. funérariums in France (see amenity=place_of_mourning). While as such they aren't funeral halls as defined by this tag if no actual funeral services take place there, a lot of such places nowadays also have rooms that are big enough for the purpose and that are indeed used for funeral ceremonies. If you know that in a given funérarium (or corresponding place in another country), the provision of a venue for funeral ceremonies is indeed the main service, then do tag it as a funeral hall irrespective of its name (unless, as suggested above for any funeral hall, it's ancillary to a tagged crematorium (amenity=crematorium), funeral directors shop (shop=funeral_directors) or indeed an amenity=place_of_mourning, in which case the subtag funeral_hall=yes can be used instead).

Obviously, other buildings on cemeteries, such as administrative buildings or tool sheds aren't funeral halls either.

Proposal for rendering

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