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Providing services related to funeral arrangements, may also be known as a "funeral parlour" or "undertakers". Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Also known as a "funeral parlour","undertaker", "funeral home", or "memorial home".

A  funeral directors shop is a place where arrangements to permanently store the physical body after death are made. An event (sometimes with the deceased's body present) to honor the deceased for mourners are often held here in conjunction with religious services which are held elsewhere.

Typically, the remains of the deceased are not stored here in the long-term. Embalming, preparing the body for interment and cremation, converting the body into ashes, also sometimes occurs here.

(These can be high street shops, not necessarily the same place or near to where the ceremony happens. which ceremony are they referring to - the act of mourning ceremony or a ceremony where the long-term storage of the body is completed, i.e. burial/interment, inurnment.

Concerning premises for funeral services (those typically conducted on the day of the burial), see amenity=funeral_hall.

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the object outline. Tag it with shop=funeral_directors and name=*.

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(Also see the proposal for funeral_hall=yes/no)

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