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Detailed Shop features
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Nadjita
Tagging: shop:*=main/yes/partial/no
Applies to: node area
Definition: Refinement to the current tagging of shops

Drafted on: 2014-11-01

The key shop:*=* should be used for shops where multiple values for shop=* would be appropriate. Instead of simply tagging shop=A;B it tries a more elegant and informative scheme.


  • Currently, there's no way to tag shops that are a mix of several other types of shops. The only "correct" solution would be to use one node per "shop" even though they are the same physical object and run by the same people.
  • Sometimes a shop does not have the full bandwidth of products associated with the tag. A shop=kiosk implicitely sells "products like cigarettes, newspapers, sweets, snacks and beverages". There is currently no possibility to tag if a kiosk does not sell one of these.


The basic tagging of shops with shop=* is unaffected

Instead of simply using shop=tea;coffee to tag a shop that sells tea and coffee, use shop:tea=main for a shop that's mainly a tea-shop, shop:tea=partial for a shop that only aditionally sells tea and doesn't offer the full bandwith of assortments or shop:tea=yes for simply stating "tea is sold here".

The 4 possible values are:

The shop's main business-segment as visible from the outside. If there's none, don't use it and use yes instead. For a single object, this value must never be used more than once. Since shop=* implies shop:*=main, there's no reason other than readability to use this tag explicitely.
The shop hosts a large to complete variety of goods from the selected area, but it's either not its oficial business-segment or there are several equally important segments.
The shop hosts some goods, but not the complete variety. For example: only athletic shoes or only black tea.
Contrary to the shop's business-segment, the described things are not sold here

The latter being used to specify that something that should be sold in the shop-category is indeed not sold here. However, if a different tag fits better without several no-values, please use that one.

All these tags must be used additionally to the shop=* that is still required for compatibility and simplicity. This draft does not want to replace shop=*.

shop=* always implies shop:*=main unless further overridden by shop:*=yes. The latter being quite common in eastern Europe or the middle east where many stores run by one person alone equally focus on a broad variety of things.

The shop:*=* namespace opens additional tagging-possibilities without the overhead of separate nodes. If a part of a shop has a different phonenumber (which is very common in department-stores), use shop:shoes:phone=* and so on.

When to use separate nodes?

If and only if the shops are operated by different companies and only share the same location, always use separate nodes. If you are describing the selection of goods of a shop, if you are dealing with a one-man-only-shop or if you are describing something that is inherently part of a shop (like, for example, the butcher-department in a supermarket), use shop:*=main/yes/partial/no


Tea Shop that also sells some selected coffees

shop:tea=main (not a must since implied by shop=tea)

Toy store with a well-sorted baby department


A kiosk that doesn't sell beverages


A bakery and a pastry shop with confectionery


A shop that is equally a bakery and a butcher

The bakery has different opening hours
shop=butcher or shop=bakery
opening_hours=Mo-Fr 08:00-12:00,13:00-18:00; Sa 08:00-13:00


No additional rendering necessary, as the rendering is done according to the shop=* key

Additional posibilities

All examples relate to shops, but of course this tagging-scheme can also be used for craft=* and amenity=* as well.


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