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Dog barrier
Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Floridaeditor
Tagging: barrier=dog
Applies to: node
Definition: A dog hazard is a location in front of the property (normally on the path or road) where a dog may be loose.

Rendered as: Possibly a barking dog.
Draft started: 2020-05-12
RFC start: 2020-05-12
Vote start: 2020-06-10
Vote end: 2020-06-24


The tag barrier=dog represents a place in front of a property, normally on the path or the road, where a dog may be loose, and thus posing a hazard. This could be used in reference to a dog even behind a closed gate, since a dog may be dangerous to passersby even in such cases.


In many countries, it is very common to have dogs on your property, especially in rural areas. They are normally behind gates, but many of times dogs have been loose in my area, and I have heard of this happening in other countries (new inspiration for tag). Pedestrians and cyclists could be injured in these cases (I almost was once myself.)


Dogs are sometimes chained or let loose in yards, effectively being a barrier.


Put a node on a road, path, or outside a property's gate (if the path has not been tagged) and tag barrier=dog

Applies to

Applies to nodes on paths and roads.


Noun 364.svg Possibly a similar variant of this (probably barking).

Features/Pages affected

This would affect the Key:barrier page.

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