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Emergency Traffic Signals
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: rickmastfan67
Tagging: traffic_signals=emergency
Applies to: node
Definition: For permanently placed traffic signals that are only in operation for emergencies along highways.

Rendered as: Same as normal traffic signals on Mapnik; colorless traffic signal on osmarender
Drafted on: 2011-01-12
RFC start: 2011-01-13


We need an official tag to separate normal traffic signals from ones that are only used in emergencies and remain inactive (flashing yellow; stays green; or completely off) when not needed. Here's a link to an example of one style of emergency signals here is the US for fire stations: example [ dead link ] This would also be useful for tunnels on highways that have emergency traffic lights before their entrance in case of a major problem happening inside that they need to stop traffic for. You can see an example from the Ft. Pitt Tunnel here in Pittsburgh on this Youtube video.


If people tag them as normal traffic signals, they will be hit with the time penalty that routing software has for them when it isn't necessary. That's where the extra tag comes in to define exactly what type of traffic signal it is. Hopefully the routing software people will also accept this proposal and eliminate any time penalties when a traffic signal node has this extra tag.


Most fire stations have emergency traffic signals on the roads in-front if they would have problems getting out onto a busy road. Also, several highways have them before you enter a tunnel in case they need to close the tunnel completely because of an accident. They are also present at draw bridges, but those could be as a separate proposal with a different tag.


This tag will be an extension of the base highway=traffic_signals tag.

Tagging scheme for traffic_signals=emergency
Tag Notes
Used on node
highway=traffic_signals (required)
traffic_signals=emergency (required)
emergency=* Reason why the signal is placed (examples: Fire Station; EMS; tunnel; lift bridge) [will not effect rendering] (optional, but recommended)
name=* Name. (optional)
ref=* Reference. (optional)

Applies to

Would only apply to node's, just like the normal highway=traffic_signals.


Mapnik Osmarender OpenCycleMap
Mapnik traffic signals.png Proposed-Rendering-Emergency-Traffic-Signals-Osmarender.png n/a

Maybe also make the traffic light in Mapnik with "white lights" like in the Osmarender version?
Would also only be rendered at the same levels as the current highway=traffic_signals tag is.

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