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The Feature Page for the approved proposal Key:internet access is located at Key:internet access
Proposal status: Approved (active)
Proposed by: krasnoj
Tagging: internet_access=*
Applies to: nodes
Definition: Indicates if an object offers internet access. The access can be with given computers like internet cafes or wlan access. The only limitation is that the internet access has to be public.

Rendered as: *
Draft started: 2008-12-05
RFC start: 2008-12-14
Vote start: 2009-01-03
Vote end: 2009-01-18


This tag is for indication that a map entity such as a building, a shop, restaurant, etc. offers internet access to the public, either as a paid service or even for free.

As an example, internet cafes should be tagged primarily as amenity=cafe and additionally with this proposed internet tag.

What should be tagged

This tag could be used for:

  • Internet cafes
  • Shops which offer internet as service
  • Libraries which offer internet access.
  • Hotels, hostels or other accomodation with internet.

What should not be tagged

Every internet access which is only for members or private persons, and not offered to the general public. This includes your personal home DSL, LAN, WLAN, any internal networks of companies etc. Also internet access only for students (e.g. WLAN hotspots on the campus) should not be tagged, because this is not a public service and the people who have access rights already know about it. We know the internet is everywhere (or should be), but this tag's aim is to indicate locations where you can get online access just by paying some amount of money, with no further efforts needed.

For discussion on wlan tagging, see Rejected features/WiFi Zone/Hotspot

Why not amenity?

Internet cafes are primarily cafes, libraries are primarily also not internet access providers. So there is the need for an extra tag which is not in conflict with the primary use.

Tagging exclusive price information

Maybe we should not tag information concerning the price. In this case there are other tags suggested:

  • internet_access=terminal - like internet cafe or library where the computer is given.
  • internet_access=wlan - a WLAN Hotspot
  • internet_access=wired - a place where you can plug in your laptop with ethernet.
  • internet_access=public - if not possible to use one of the types above (e.g.: If not known).
  • internet_access=service - if you want to mention that there is personnel which helps you in case of problems. Should be used only in special cases like the LAN houses in brazil, where internet access is the only service (no cafe).

Extending with other attributes - namespace

By now, there are no extra tags to describe the internet_access. Until this is solved I recommend the using of the namespace internet_access: (e.g. internet_access:operator=) The allowed values for the namesapce are values of the map features (except access itself).


The FON project is a special case. Because most there is no primary usage of the fon provider. Tagging suggestion is: internet_access=wlan; internet_access:operator=FON


Please use the discussion page for comments.


See discussion page for the results.

Vote Result

YES: 21 No: 1 Neutral: 0

95.45% of all voters voted yes, the number of voters is more than 15 so it is approved.

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