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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by:
Tagging: atv=*
Applies to: way
Definition: Access restriction indicating ATVs are allowed (50 inches -- 1.27m or less) (ATV stands for "all-terrain vehicle", also known as quad)

Rendered as: Default for renderer
Draft started:
Proposed on: 26-Aug-2009
RFC start: 26-Aug-2009
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


A less ambiguous tag as a replacement to motor_vehicle=* in certain circumstances. The motor_vehicle=* plus width=1.27 do not adequately describe the usage. For the purposes of OSM this tag would classify an "ATV" as a 4-6 wheeled vehicle that is 50" (1.27m) or less in width.


In the US the Forest Service and BLM provide roads on public ground for recreational use. Many of these roads have restrictions on the types of vehicles that can be used. The common restrictions are

  • Roads open to highway legal vehicles
  • Roads open to all vehicles (still must be licensed for off road use)
  • Trails open to motorcycles only
  • Trails open to wheeled vehicles 50" (1.27m) or less in width

Roads open to all/highway legal vehicles is for all intents and purposes are covered by "vehicle=yes" or "motor_vehicle=yes". Trails open to motorcycles are accommodated by "access=designated" and "motorcycle=yes". The 50" (1.27m) restriction is not adequately covered for its true intended purposes of ATV access by having "access=designated", "motor_vehicle=yes", "maxwidth=1.27".

Tagging Discussion

I am proposing atv=*, as a new tag to further describe road restrictions that are common in certain recreational areas of the world. The proposed usage is:

  • access=designated
  • atv=designated|yes|no

Further Discussion

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