Proposal:Legal Public Surface For Drawing and Graffiti

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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: EinKonstanzer
Tagging: leisure=drawing_surface
Applies to: nodeway
Definition: A legal public surface for drawing and graffiti

Draft started: 2020-08-15


This is for mapping surfaces on walls or buildings where drawing and graffiti is allow. Public surfaces with no or few litmitation for personal creativity.

The key leisure is used because this is something that is very similar to "leisure=playground". A kind of playground for juveniles and adults. Note that this is NOT an surface for permanently paintings or long time art.

Often they can be found near skate parks or youth centers.

This proposal has been created based on a discussion in the forum:


Draw a way for that part of the wall or tag the complete wall. If it is a building then draw a way for the part of the building where drawing/graffiti is allowed. For simple tagging just use a node( node).

Additional tags are


  • Do not confuse this with a creativ/art center, studios or ateliers.
  • Street art means in some cases paintings and graffiti, but rarely areas or surfaces for public and personal creativity.
  • This tag is not to state that on a specific place there are paintings, murals, graffiti...
Graffiti berlin.jpg
Graffiti aus der Hall of Fame in Ingolstadt.jpg
Graffitti Wohnhaus Duesseldorf.JPG


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