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Line connection
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Michi2
Tagging: power=line_connection
Applies to: node
Definition: A place, where power lines and sub stations, power plants, etc. are connected
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2008-06-08

Proposed new tag: power=line_connection


To mark the location where power lines and sub stations, generators, power plants, etc. are connected.


Example 1: Connecting the power line and the sub station

Example 2

Example 3: Not the tower it self but the construction next to the right of the tower, where the power lines end


<tag k="power" v="line_connection"/>

Applies to


Proposed Rendering


I would like to make another suggestion. If I think of line_connection, I mean something like the 'power line' in the power station, which doesn't have to be a wire. It's more (three) paralell power rails. This would apply to ways like this: line in power=station. This will enable 'routing for electrons'. I'm serius, am I? --Bahnpirat 17:30, 30 October 2008 (UTC)


Voting has not started. Please comment the proposal.