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Marine Seamarks
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Rahra
Tagging: seamark:*=*
Applies to: node
Definition: This is a summary page of tags used to describe marine seamarks.
Rendered as: depends on the type of seamark, see below.

A seamark is an object which is highly important for the navigation of all kinds of vessels. A typical and well known seamark is a lighthouse but different to roadmaps, a seamark within a sea chart may carry many different properties, each of which requires additional tags.

To maintain all those tags in a clear and structured way, an object-oriented approach is used for choosing the key values of the tags. This means that all properties of seamarks are considered as sub elements of those and thus are appended to the key name seamark:*=* separated by colons, for example seamark:type=*.

Each seamark consists at least of a body (tower, beacon, buoy,...) and optional some additional features such as lights, topmarks, radar reflectors, and so on. The basic type (the body) is selected by the seamark:type=* tag. Most objects carrier additional tags. The full tagging scheme is described at OpenSeaMap/Seamark_Tag_Values and more specific tagging cases are described at: OpenSeaMap/Lights_Data_Model, Openseamap/Beacon_Data_Model, Openseamap/Buoy_Data_Model, Openseamap/CEVNI Lateral Marks, Openseamap/CEVNI Notice Marks.

Since information accuracy of seamarks is very sensitive a specific tag (seamark:fixme=*) is used to mark possible inconsistencies.