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Natural arch
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Yotann
Tagging: natural=arch
Applies to: nodewayarea
Definition: A rock arch naturally formed by erosion, with an opening underneath.
Drafted on: 2013-01-29


For mapping natural arches and bridges. Unlike with a cave or other features, one can look through an arch from one side and see a substantial amount of ground or sky on the other. Like manmade bridges, natural arches can have a highway on top; the difference is that the actual hole is formed by erosion.


A photographer could be searching for a photogenic natural arch in a given area. A geologist might want to examine arches to study erosion.

Taginfo shows 10 instances of natural=arch and 1 of natural=bridge. The difference between a natural arch and a natural bridge is unclear, so I propose that both use this tag.


Notable natural arches.


Generic tags such as name=* and wikipedia=* apply. Add tourism=attraction if the arch is a specific destination for tourists.

Use est_width?