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Delicate Arch LaSalle.jpg
A rock arch naturally formed by erosion, with an opening underneath. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Natural
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The tag natural=arch is used to map a rock arch formed by erosion, with an opening underneath.

A natural arch or bridge. Unlike with a cave or other features, one can look through an arch from one side and see a substantial amount of ground or sky on the other. Like manmade bridges, natural arches can have a highway on top; the difference is that the actual hole is formed by erosion.

Natural arches are often landmarks. Photographers may search for photogenic natural arches, and geologists for scientific study.

Examples include those listed here on Wikipedia: Notable natural arches.

How to map

Place a node at the center of the arch and add the tag natural=arch. Alternatively, a large arch can be mapped as an area.

Generic tags such as name=* and wikipedia=* apply.

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