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One way restrictions
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
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Definition: This is just question how solve problem of one way restrictions and similar things

Please think how to solve problem of restrictions for one direction of way only. I have seen a lot of speed restrictions that were non symmetrical. Especially in places where there is part of road with big restriction (e.g. from 90 to 30) there are intermediate restrictions:

            end    30    60
       60   30    end

In example above if a drive from right to left I see restrictions from upper line, if I drive from left to right I see restrictions from lower line.

Similary, restrictions near crossings

          |          70
 70       |

Just after crossing restriction is void.

Another example are traffic signals. If there is long part of narrow road guarded by traffic signals then while driving I will see only one of them:

       narrow part     S

Signals are marked by "S".

For segments there is relation based solution Relations/Proposed/Segmented_Tag. For tags put on node we can make proposal for Proposed_features/Side_of_stop more general and allow key=value:direction for any reasonable pair of key and value.

Common Left/Right Tagging

For ways, the problem could be solved using consistent left/right tagging. Perhaps the API could be modified to support something like one of the following:

  <nd ref="1"/>
  <nd ref="2"/>
  <nd ref="3"/>
  <tag k="highway" v="secondary"/>
  <tag:l k="maxspeed" v="60"/> <!-- or tag:left -->
  <tag:r k="maxspeed" v="30"/> <!-- or tag:right -->
  <nd ref="1"/>
  <nd ref="2"/>
  <nd ref="3"/>
  <tag k="highway" v="secondary"/>
    <tag k="maxspeed" v="60"/>
    <tag k="maxspeed" v="30"/>

This method is immune to way reversals; the editor only has to reverse the left and right tags when a way is reversed.



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