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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Emacsen
Tagging: sidewalk=none:yes:left:right:both
Applies to: linear
Definition: A definition for sidewalks actual at the street, relative to the direction of the node.

Rendered as: Maybe as a line beside the road.
Draft started:
Proposed on: 2011-03-21


A sidewalk is a separate road associated with a road that is used for pedestrian traffic. Oftentimes the road is a separated from the main road by a small patch of grass or a curb, which serves to separate the pedestrians from vehicle traffic.

A sidewalk tag must always be associated with a larger road way, or else it should be tagged separately.


Applies to highway:

<tag k="sidewalk" v="none"/>
<tag k="sidewalk" v="left"/>
<tag k="sidewalk" v="right"/>
<tag k="sidewalk" v="both"/>
<tag k="sidewalk" v="yes"/>

The value direction of the tag should be in association with the order of the nodes in the way. Editor authors are encouraged to indicate this direction.

The value "both" and the value "yes" are synonymous.



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