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This map feature proposal has been merged into Proposed features/Advanced footway and cycleway.

Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Cbm
Tagging: footway=both:left:right:none
Applies to: linear
Definition: for better capture the details of where footways are next to roads

Draft started:
Proposed on: 2008-06-10

Proposed new tag: footway=both/left/right/none


Provide a method to indicate whether a sidewalk exists along a road, without needing to map as a separate way. Should be used where the sidewalk is adjacent to the road, or with a narrow (less than 2 meters or so) verge between. If the distance between the sidewalk and road is large or variable, it should be mapped separately.

Applies to

Ways tagged as a highway which have a sidewalk (footway) following alongside. This is most roads besides highway=motorway and link roads in urban areas.


For footway on both sides of a road: (default for residential-roads)

<tag k="footway" v="both"/>

For footway on left side of a road:

<tag k="footway" v="left"/>

For footway on right side of a road:

<tag k="footway" v="right"/>

For roads with no footways/sidewalks:

<tag k="footway" v="none"/>

Tag Values

One of: footway=both, footway=left, footway=right or footway=none.


a footway instead of the outline of a road


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