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Note: This proposal is cancelled in favor of Proposed features/reusable packaging.

Own dishes at takeaway restaurants
Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Flo2154
Tagging: takeaway:customer_container=*
Applies to: node area
Definition: Specifies whether a takeaway restaurant accepts bringing own containers/dishes to reduce packaging waste.

Draft started: 2021-02-06
RFC start: 2021-02-06


I propose the new takeaway:customer_container=* tag, with values yes and no.

It should be only tagged on nodes/areas with takeaway=yes/only.

It should also deprecate and replace the (undocumented) takeaway:lunchbox=* tag[1] which has the same meaning[2] but uses a less clear wording.


In takeaway restaurants, a lot of waste is produced by packaging. This can be mitigated by asking the restaurant if they accept containers/dishes/bowls that one brings to them to be filled. In my area (near Munich, Germany), surprisingly many do accept it (even now during the Covid-19 pandemic), but not all.

For map consumers, it might be useful to filter out takeaway restaurants that don't accept bringing own dishes.

In OSM, there is no standardized way to record that information. There was a proposal about introducing a general tag for reusable packaging once, but that seems to have went nowhere[3].

Where it is signed or posted on the restaurant's website, we can rely on that information. For places where it is not signed, it is verifiable by asking the staff, e.g. while ordering takeaway food via phone. So it doesn't differ that much from the takeaway=* tag itself: Whether a place actually offers takeaway food is not signed either for many restaurants, so one also has to rely on local knowledge of the place.


takeaway:customer_container=* should be only tagged on nodes/areas with takeaway=yes/only.



The tag should not affect rendering.

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