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Paving stone details
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Tordanik
Tagging: paving_stones:*=*
Applies to: node, way, area
Definition: More detailed mapping of paving stone surfaces

Rendered as: hyper-detailed rendering and 3D rendering only
Draft started: 2015-07-16
RFC start: 2015-08-02

This proposal contains subtags for surface=paving_stones, which allow mapping the dimensions and style of the stones.


Currently, the list of values for the surface key contains such oddities as "paving_stones:20" and "paving_stones:30" – attempts to tag the dimensions of the paving stones. The database reveals more surface values of that kind, e.g. "paving_stones:double_t".

Detailed information about the surface of roads is useful for specialized software, e.g. 3D renderers. However, creating a new surface value for each paving stone variant causes problems for the bulk of the applications trying to support the surface key. Therefore, this proposal tries to introduce a more standard tagging style using separate tags instead.

Proposed tags

The following keys are introduced by this proposal:

  • paving_stones:width
  • paving_stones:length
  • paving_stones:shape
  • paving_stones:pattern
  • paving_stones:colour
  • paving_stones:direction
  • paving_stones:orientation

Paving stone dimensions

paving_stones:width and paving_stones:length describe the dimensions of each individual paving stones.

Square paving stones only require one of these tags to be set. With patterns that use multiple sizes (see e.g. "tudor" below), the dimension of the largest stone in the pattern is relevant.

Paving stone shape

paving_stones:shape describes the shape of the individual paving stones. The following are some possible values:

Paving stone pattern

paving_stones:pattern describes how the paving stones are arranged. Most paving stone shapes only allow a few patterns. As with the shapes, this list is only a starting point and may be extended in the future. The half_bond pattern is the default for the shapes defined in this proposal.

Paving stone colour

paving_stones:colour describes the colour of the paving stones, using the value syntax of Key:colour. Ideally, the colour should represent the conditions under direct sunlight.

Paving stone direction

paving_stones:direction describes the orientation of the paving stone pattern relative to north. It uses the syntax for Key:direction angles.

Alternatively, paving_stones:orientation can be used to describe the orientation of the paving stone pattern relative to the way direction. In addition to angles, the latter key also accepts the values along and across.

If neither tag is set, then paving stone patterns should default to following the way's direction.

Deprecated tags

This proposal deprecates the tags

  • surface = paving_stones:20
  • surface = paving_stones:30

and variations thereof.

They should gradually be replaced with the new tags in the long term.


Please use the Talk page for discussion.


To be announced.