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Radio navigaion aid
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Doma93
Tagging: radio_transponder=navaid
Applies to: node
Definition: Radio navigation aid used in air and/or sea traffic
Rendered as: Depending on type
Drafted on: 2012-09-25

Currently used keys and values

Navigation aids haven't been tagged very often. So far navaids such as NDB have been tagged as beacon:type=ndb or type=ndb or rarely aeroway=ndb. The use of other aeronautical navaids such as VOR, TACAN etc. have been defined on This is a good solution, but it only covers aeronautical navaids and some values haven't even been used. (

As some navaids are used in both air and sea traffic and the latter haven't been described on the wiki I make up the following proposal for tagging all of these systems.

Proposed tagging

Tags are applied to nodes representing the navaid transponder or a circular way representing the navaid station complex. This applies to all types of ground navaid such as NDB, VOR, DME, TACAN, VORTAC etc.

Required tags


type=* defines the system navaid beacon operates on:

Secondary tags

  • Frequency on which the system operates is tagged with frequency=*. According to Key:frequency unit should be specified unless the frequency is below 1000 Hz.
    • NOTE: The tagged frequency (in case of DME, GS ILS etc) is not necessarily the operating frequency, but the published frequency of the main channel (VOR channel equivalent).
  • Identifier of the station is tagged with ref=*.

  • ILS should have some additional tags closely defining it. My suggestions are:
Key Description Example
ref=* This should include the runway identifier ref=IZA 05 for LDZA runway 05
ils:gs=yes ils:gs=no ILS glideslope
ils:bc=yes ils:bc=no Whether ILS backcourse is used
ils:cat=* ILS category ils:cat=CAT A

Proposed rendering


LORAN discussion

How could the LORAN stations be tagged as they usually come in pairs? Could we make a relation linking them?

Correction, LORAN comes in chains, with one base and several links, each link paired with the base, the base carrying the identifyer of the chain (GRI). Each station can be member of several chains. There should be one relation for each chain. Each chain consists of a master (M) and 2 to 5 slaves (V, W, X, Y and/or Z) where each slave responds to the master with an emission delay and a coding delay.

Suggestion to relation:

  • type=radio_navaid
  • radio_navaid=loran
  • gri=GRI of chain
  • name=Name of Chain (optional)
  • Members
    • Role: master - node (required)
    • Role: victor - node (optional)
    • Role: whiskey - node (optional)
    • Role: x-ray - node (optional)
    • Role: zulu - node (optional)