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Reuse facility
Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Cracklinrain
Tagging: amenity=reuse
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: Used to mark the location where people drop off and pick up 2nd hand goods in the sense of free sharing.

Draft started: 2013-08-14

A reuse (i.e. swap or free-to-take) is a facility where people drop off and pick up goods in the sense of free sharing and reuse. The facility is usually a small box or shelf. It might be dedicated to one kind of goods (e.g. books).

Usually those facilities are run at cafes, pubs, community centres, cinemas, clubhouses or other leisure activity places and the operator of those facilities is only the host (i.e. only checks whether the items are allowed).



Extended Usage

Some further ideas for more detailed tagging are being discussed at Proposed_features/Extend_reuse


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