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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: delta_foxtrot2
Tagging: restriction=school_zone
Applies to: way
Definition: Ability to limit maxspeed=* based on time of day

Rendered as: *
Drafted on: 2009-06-23
RFC start: 2009-06-23
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


To mark school zones, where the maxspeed varies by time of day, day of week and time of year.


It would be advantageous to mark school zones in a uniform manner, either so routing could use the details to avoid routing through these zones during drop off and pick up times, or so applications making use of maxspeed to display the maximum speed for the location can display speeds that are time limited.

Automatic Notification if a School Zone would be in operation

It's assumed schools are open monday to friday for about 42 weeks of the year. It's easy to know from a programmatic point of view if it's a week day or not, however it's not easy to know if it's a pupil free day, late start day or school holidays. This kind of information goes beyond the scope of this document but it is suggested that this information could be incorporated into administrative boundaries as school terms and pupil free days are usually known well in advance of the start of most school years.


The combination of the following tags should be used:

For further details on time format see opening_hours=* for more details.

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