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Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: SelfishSeahorse
Tagging: service=diversion
Applies to: way
Definition: An auxiliary railway track only used for diversions

Drafted on: 2019-03-15
RFC start: 2019-04-01


The tag service=diversion is used for auxiliary railway=* tracks only used for diversions, such as in case of breakdowns, accidents, road or track works or events. This includes turn loops for prematurely turning the vehicle if the subsequent track section is blocked.

Diversion-only tracks exist in tram systems and less commonly in light rail and underground (metro/subway) systems (see section Examples below).


Data consumers may want to know which tracks are only rarely used and compare the length of regular versus service tracks, and renderers may want to de-emphasise less important tracks (as OSM Carto currently does for service=yard/spur/siding).

There is no tag for tracks only used for diversions. Some of these tracks are wrongly tagged service=siding (relatively short lengths of track, running parallel to a main route; used for passing or storing vehicles or similar).



Light rail


  • OF-Ost, Offenbach am Main (connection for the "S-Bahn" into the regular rail network, used only when the tunnel is closed due to an emergency or rail works)


Current usage

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