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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: martien sch
Tagging: access:electric=*
Applies to: node, way, area
Definition: Access key for vehicles powered by an electric motor

Drafted on: 2016-06-26
RFC start: 2016-06-26

The key Key:access#Transport mode restrictions features keys for access restrictions by mode of transport. It details the type of vehicle, but does not specify the type of engine. With the rise of the electric engine, the first law-makers are allowing the more silent and environment-friendly engine exclusive access in sensitive areas.


Electric engines for many types of vehicles are revived and the use of electric engines is growing quickly. With a new type of powering vehicles, new possible restrictions and clearances can be introduced by lawmakers.

  • Major cities may restrict access to inner city parts to electric taxis, lorries etc.
  • For nature preserving access with combustion engines may be limited. In the Netherlands the first electric-only route for boats opened just recently [1] [2].
  • I am lacking an example which features electric = no and cannot be derived from access=no



This sub-key mirrors the behaviour of its parent-key access=*. The default is access:electric=yes


This key may by applied in combination with highway=*, railway=*, or waterway=*.

Features/Pages affected

This proposal creates another dimension of tagging with access=*. A distinction between vehicles with or without a motor has already been made, now it is about the type of motor.



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