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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Kjarrval
Tagging: age_group=Single number or range
Applies to: node,way,area,relation
Definition: Age group of children that attend said school

Draft started: 2012-11-24
RFC start: 2012-11-24


Age groups of children that attend schools vary between countries and sometimes even vary within the same country. The proposal, if accepted, will offer a way to define what age groups attend each school. It can, for example, be used for statistical purposes as to how many schools offer education for a certain age group. Web sites can also use the data to help parents know where the closest school from their home offers education for their child based on how old it is.


The key is only used with the tag/value combination amenity=kindergarten, amenity=school, amenity=college and amenity=university. No known case is for the usage of the tag for amenity=university but best to keep an open mind.

The value of the age_group tag can be a single number or a range (e.g. 6-12). The numbers can be defined as integers or decimal numbers (e.g. 5,5-10). Broken down ranges can be included by the use of a semicolon.

This tag is optional and has no default value if unused.

Applies to

Any node, way, area and relation with amenity=kindergarten, amenity=school, amenity=college or amenity=university.


No rendering suggestions are made in this proposal other than indicating the age groups on the map.

Features/Pages affected

It will apply to the pages amenity=kindergarten, amenity=school, amenity=college and amenity=university.