Proposal:Amenity=vending machine way extension

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amenity=vending machine way extension
Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Lejun
Tagging: amenity=vending_machine
Applies to: way
Definition: Official extension of amenity=vending_machine tag to ways

Draft started: 2022-01-10
RFC start: 2022-01-14


This proposal aims to officially extend the amenity=vending_machine tag to areas. No change would be required except for the informations provided on the wiki page.


The amenity=vending_machine tag has been proposed and approved in 2008, clearly stating that it would applies to nodes. However, the proposal’s content left, in my opinion, a grey area in that the tag would not exclusively be used on nodes:

  • On the main proposal page, there’s a section regarding vending machines in covered locations, suggesting to use vending_machine=* to indicate the goods sold by the operator element (It has since been generalised through vending=* without real vote as far as I know, the template’s status links to the vending_machine proposal). As an example, was taken amenity=pub, which is both used on nodes and areas, but the same could be said about many kind of establishment possessing vending machines.
Tags’ number of uses
amenity=vending_machine vending=* amenity=pub
  • It has been suggested on the talk page of the tag in 2015, 7 years after approval, to extend tagging to areas in regard to bigger footprinted vending machine which could also be tagged as smallish buildings. As said three years later, in 2018, putting a node on top of the building would break the One feature, one OSM element’s rule, not that it would be the first nor last time, and it has since been pending.

My point is that while the original proposal received approval for use on nodes, it didn’t forbid it’s use on ways. It was thus implicitely acceptable to use amenity=vending_machine on more than nodes and I would like to receive official community approval regarding that matter. An alternative, that would be overkill to me but would follows community vote, would be to create a building=retail and add a amenity=vending_machine as a node where the exchange occurs.


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