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a machine selling tickets for parking

What does payment:notes=yes mean? That you can buy the parking tickets without having any coins with you? Logictheo 12:21, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

note = bank note, paper money. Yes. --Lulu-Ann 22:49, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

I like the payment:*=* tags, except that the singular form (i.e. coin instead of coins) seems more consistent with other tagging. I'd also like to use the value "surcharge" instead of just "yes" when there is an additional charge for that particular payment mode (e.g. payment:credit_card=surcharge would be a common tag on some brands of fuel stations in the US).-- AM909 23:51, 8 January 2010 (UTC)

Icon for telephone_vouchers vending machines?

Hi, is it possible to use the british top up symbol for the telephone_vouchers vending machines? Actually I don't know where else I should place this request. I talk about this symbol [here] cu AssetBurned 16:25, 30 November 2009 (UTC)

The question is never "is it possible?". Of course it is. The question is: "Is it legal?". --Lulu-Ann 11:52, 1 December 2009 (UTC)
hm I guess if someone create a similar logo it would be. AssetBurned 16:43, 1 December 2009 (UTC)

selling point for dog-excrement-bags combined with waste basket for those bags

Any ideas how I can tag the combination of a box with dog excrement bags in it and a basket for the full bags below it? That combination is quite common, at least where I live. Both have amenity as key, so I cannot add both to the same node. --holgermappt 21:40, 9 January 2010 (UTC)

Our excrement bag dispensers have waste bins, too - Are there any without? Lulu-Ann
Yes, in Switzerland there are both types: bag dispensers with excrement waste bins (not suitable for other waste) and small, tiny bag dispensers on a pole without any waste bins. Example products: (page in german but pictures are self-explanatory). I would definitely like some sort of excrement_bags:waste_basket:yes (or a simple waste_basket:yes if other trash can be put there too). --Marc 15:39, 11 July 2010 (UTC)
You can write a proposal to have this combination supported. --Valor Naram (talk) 20:22, 21 April 2019 (UTC)

bigger vendings?

There are fuel stations "open" 24/7 and car washes where's no personnel and where you can pay only with electronic cash. How should they be tagged? Atm I made one node for the fuel station and one for the vending machine, but I think this nodes should be merged. -- Malenki 22:55, 6 February 2010 (UTC)

proposal for vending_machine=syringes

091021 1731 99 spritzenautomatart g2416p5ch1immer wieder1 media big.jpg

what about vending machines for syringes? On vending machines like that you can recycle your used syringes and get new sterile syringes for low costs. Kerosin 17:17, 13 October 2010 (BST)

I´ve tagged this one node 793241707 and similar ones like this:

amenity = vending_machine
operator = Fixpunkt
payment:coins = yes
vending:ascorbic_acid = yes
vending:condoms = yes
vending:syringes = yes

--Gkai 00:03, 14 October 2010 (BST)

Misspelled tag values

What's with “news_papers” and “SIM-cards?” It's called a newspaper and a SIM card, so the values should be newspapers and SIM_cards. I'm updating the page.

Is there any way to gauge how messed up this is in the database? Do renderers use these values? —Mzajac 17:58, 12 February 2011 (UTC)

taginfo for vending. People are actually using news_papers somewhat consistently (which is surprising, because mappers usually don't even apply those conventions consistently that actually make sense). This is probably partly due to the fact that there is a JOSM preset for these values. Changing the page won't do much good unless you manage to get that preset changed, too. --Tordanik 18:13, 12 February 2011 (UTC)
Ugh, thanks. Is there a master list of keys & values somewhere for mass-proofreading before submitting a bug report? —Mzajac 22:42, 12 February 2011 (UTC)
What we really need IMHO is an agreement "always use singular" for OSM in general. Lulu-Ann

Relation for linking a vending machine to a service provided ?

A use case of such relation:

Self-service car-wash systems are paid by inserting a currency into a vending_machine, but the service is provided by the amenity=car_wash node.

Proposal for a relation :

  • type=vending
  • Members :
    • vending='nodes/ways of amenity=vending_machine'
    • service='nodes/ways of am--Haves (talk) 10:54, 10 February 2015 (UTC)enity=* providing the service paid for'

Reverse Vending Machine (ecoATM)

There are some vending machines where you can turn in your goods and get money back called ecoATM. Example node node 2411544133. How to tag those? I would go for something like


-- DoubleA (talk) 19:25, 13 November 2013 (UTC)

Your suggested tagging has the problem that all current data users will mistake them for places where you can buy mp3players, not sell them. In my opinion, the term "vending machines" doesn't fit well here. Perhaps invent amenity=rebuy_machine instead? (Of course, there might be combined buy-and-sell machines, too...) --Tordanik 13:52, 15 November 2013 (UTC)


I think we should combine all vending machines which are vending food by vending:food and adding another tag with i.e. food_type:snacks, food_type:drinks, food_type:bread etc.. I know that this is third dimension ordering but I think it would make the sorting of vending machine much easier, as you don't have to recognize all different kinds of food when you are parsing the information. Also you can find them under the new tag. --Haves (talk) 10:10, 24 January 2015 (UTC)

I don't agree your proposition, food category is a little bit complex : I'm mapping fruits and vegetables (uncooked) vending machines. This is food vending machines but not the same type than "all made" food. Same problems with "supermarket-like" vending machines (flour, pasta,…).
People who want food and search a vending machine (amenity=vending_machine and vending=food), usually want cooked food… --Frem (talk) 18:20, 9 February 2015 (UTC+1)
But why does this collide with my proposal? "Your" vending machines would be tagged by vending:food, food_type:fruits and supermarket vending machines could be taged by vending:food, food_type:flour;pasta;drinks;fruits... . For anyone who wants to use this data in some kind of application it would be much more useful to do it like this. Because the application could register all kinds of food vending machines first and after this would define the kind of food vending machine. By doing it this way it would even register vending_machines with "unknown" food, and there are really endless kinds of food out there, as a food vending machine.--Haves (talk) 10:54, 10 February 2015 (UTC)

Vending machine as area

There are some vending machines which are quite big, like small retail buildings - with the exception that you can't get inside. I think it would not be bad to mark them as areas. However, the wiki page says "should not be used on areas", and JOSM validator complains too. What's wrong with it? --Jedrzej Pelka (talk) 19:10, 30 September 2015 (UTC)

I recommend to map the area as a small building and set nodes for each of the vending machines --Lulu-Ann (talk) 11:31, 11 January 2018 (UTC)
Seems like this would be counter to Good practice#One feature, one OSM element. Unless the idea is that one serves as a destination for someone wanting to obtain the vended item, and the other is to show a large physically occupied area for landmarking and such? Arlo James Barnes (talk) 17:57, 2 May 2018 (UTC)

In otherwise covered locations

the article refers to this section here but it actually does not exist, so I am creating it :)

Apparently, the most accurate proposition is :

- Hellopierre (talk) 13:15, 22 October 2015 (UTC)

Tag suggestion

I recently have seen interesting products in vending machines which could be added :

  • baby products : diapers, powdered milk
  • pregnancy test
  • toothbrush

what do you think? Hellopierre (talk) 17:21, 12 November 2015 (UTC)


One more important payment method: honesty box - you are asked to pay by cash into a simple box (not unusual in rural areas). Copied to payment=* also. --GerdHH (talk) 15:05, 8 April 2016 (UTC)

vending machine to load money on a voucher card


here inside a company all restaurants and vending machines do not accept coins or bank notes, but every employee has a NFC card with a payment function. There are (banking-?) machines to book money from your VISA or EC card to the employee card, and vending machines that accept them for payment. How to map? --Lulu-Ann (talk) 11:36, 11 January 2018 (UTC)

change machine (dispense coins and bank notes)

How to map a machine which dispense coins and small bank notes in exchange of other bank notes? These are found in train station, parking, laundry, bank, post office. The machine can charge a fee or not. On the machines i've seen, payment is made by bank notes.

I found 4 vending values that match, on taginfo:

The most used value is "vending=coin", but "vending=change" is more representative, some of those machine dispense only coins, some dispense coins & bank notes.

Please find hereafter my proposal for a new value:

fee=yes/no (optional)
indoor=yes (optional)

NOTE: there is a tag "change_machine=yes" that can be used to indicate there is a automated change machine in an amenity (see, but a separate node is useful to locate precisely where the machine can be found in a big building (e.g. train station).

--Kazing (talk) 09:38, 10 April 2018 (UTC)