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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: megha
Tagging: man_made=kiln
Applies to: node area
Definition: This proposal covers a complete view on the kiln and extends the existing and well known tags with more exact and clearly defined new tags that provides additional information for the analysis of its environmental, social and economic impacts.
Rendered as: Icon with the kiln logo
Drafted on: 2014-10-14
RFC start: 2014-10-14


This is a proposal to introduce additional information to the existing tag man_made=kiln. This is an extension of man_made=kiln which is used to describe the feature as a node on a map indicating where the centre of the kiln is located; when the area is large tag man_made=chimney needs to be used and individual chimneys are mapped separately.

Current Situation

Kiln information is already provided, mainly by tag man_made=kiln, but additional information if the kilns are large are lacking. This tag only provides the information of the product, capacity and the fuel but other information related to the kiln are missing which can be relevant for determining its impact in environmental, social or economic aspect.

The current tagging makes it difficult to tag some features. For example, the firing method used, chimney number, chimney type, number of workers working, moulding processes, ownership of the land used, the supply market, percentage of quality product etc.

This proposal aims to provide a consistent mechanism to resolve some of the most serious semantic inconsistencies in the current tagging scheme and will ensure that additional information related to the brick kiln for further analysis of the environmental impact it can have is available.

As of October 2014, man_made=kiln has 98 uses [1].

Goal of this brick kiln proposal

This proposal is an advancement of Haveyougotanypets's Proposed_features/kiln

This proposal covers a complete view on the kiln and extends the existing and well known tags with more exact and clearly defined new tags that provides additional information for the analysis of its environmental, social and economic impacts.

Main problem with the existing schema

  • Is suitable for nodes not areas
  • Doesnot provide information related to social issues such as workers
  • Doesnot provide information about the quality of products and the possible markets including the procedure used to produce products

The new schema in short


A kiln is a thermally insulated chamber, a type of oven, that produces temperatures sufficient to complete some process, such as hardening, drying, or chemical changes. This proposal is to tag kiln areas with additional information that can be an asset for analysis of the environmental, economical and social impacts that they have on the lives of people living near those area.

The existing man_made=kiln tag would be retained for smaller kilns.

The proposed tag man_made=kiln would provide the required information for further analysis of the environmental as well as social impact of the kilns.


Tag used to denote the area of the kiln
Tag used to denote the product of the kiln. eg: bricks, glass, charcoal, pottery, quicklime etc
Name of the kiln
Name of the city where kiln is located
Type of firing used. eg: continuous, batch
Tag to add the number of chimneys belonging to the kiln
Tag to map the chimney as a node.
height=<height in meters>
Height of the top of the chimney from ground-level in meters. (like Tag:man made=tower)
Type of chimney existing in the kiln area. eg: force draft, VSBK, BTK's, Zig-Zag, natural draft etc
Fuel used to heat the kiln. eg: coal, coal powder, rubber tyre, wood, biomass, industrial waster, charcoal
Quantity of the fuel required in tons
The moulding process. eg: manual, mechanized, semi mechanized
Drying system used. eg : open, shade, artificial
Type of material used to produce products. eg: agricultural soil, silt from water, others
Actual production of the kiln in tons
The production capacity of the kiln in tons
Amount of quality product in percentage. eg: Incase of bricks. There is certain percent of quality bricks produced
If the product is brick, Kind of bricks produced. eg: solid, hollow(perforated)
Number of workers
Number of male workers
Number of female workers
Number of illiterate workers
Number of people with informal education working
Number of people who passed SLC working
Number of people currently studying working
How is the education of the workers being funded. eg: self funded, funded by factory, donor agencies
Number of operating months
Name of the market where the products are sold
Type of ownership of the land where kiln is located. eg: owned by factory, on rent

Applies to



Rendered as an icon which contains the picture of the brick kiln


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This proposal is not in voting phase yet.