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You can find an enhanced and approved proposal by the same author at Proposed features/drinking water.

Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Rudolf
Tagging: drinkable=*
Applies to: nodewayarea
Definition: Indication whether water is drinkable/potable

Rendered as: *
Draft started: 2014-02-09
RFC start: 2014-02-15


drinkable=* indicates whether water is drinkable for humans.


The general tag for a source of drinkable water is amenity=drinking_water. But in some cases you will want to subtag an existing OSM-object (like a fountain) with the info that the water is drinkable.

There is already the tag drinkable=yes/no as described in amenity=fountain in use, but it lacks a definition in the wiki.

Usage in the database at 2014-02-09:

drinkable=yes/no is used 3240 times. Combinations: 82% amenity, 22% name, 13% man_made, 10% natural



Value Comment
no The water is not drinkable. It is obvious that the water is dirty or can be contaminated or flows through a circulating pump.

In some countries a sign "No drinking water" is not sufficient to tag no. It is possible that every source without official control gets this sign.

yes The water is drinkable.

If there are objective reasons that allow you to conclude that the water is pure, even though it is not checked. E.g. in alpine territory the source can be above any civilization. There should be no reason to doubt about the quality.

In some countries there can be a sign "No drinking water" because there is no official control. But one can assume that the water is pure because many people drink it every day.

There is no warranty for this tag. The circumstances can change every day. Everyone should use his common sense before drinking water from unknown sources.

official The water is checked and approved by public authorities. An alternative value may be potable.
mineral The water is drinkable and has a special qualification, e.g. thermal water.

Applies to

and others

The tags drinkable=yes and drinkable=no don't apply to amenity=drinking_water because this element already implicates drinking water.

Features/Pages affected

drinking_water=yes/no. This tag combined with any other tag like amenity=toilets indicates whether a facility provides drinking water.


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