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Use tag bridge=boardwalk for mapping duckboard.

Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Jkp
Tagging: duckboards=yes
Applies to: Footway
Definition: Duckboards along a trail

Rendered as: Like a bridge
Drafted on: 2009-06-30

Duckboards definition

Duckboards are platform of wooden slats built over muddy ground to form a dry passageway. Hikers and other pedestrians currently use duckboards to safely pass moist areas of ground, such as a swamp or shores of a lake. They are often built from one or two parallel, wide split logs. Specially wide duckboards are often used to provide wheelchair access.


Ability to add a "duckboards=yes" tag to footways (highway=footway). Additional tag that can be used is width, that is especially useful information for wheelchair access.

Currently closest way of tagging is using "surface=wood" and using width to indicate if a wheelchair can fit.


Rendering something similiar as a bridge (bridge=yes).


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