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flight route
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: miklcct
Tagging: route=plane
Applies to: wayrelation
Definition: The route of a scheduled passenger flight service

Rendered as: None on the standard layer, but can be shown on flight maps
Draft started: 2016-11-22
RFC start: 2016-11-22


This proposal brings commercial passenger aviation into the public transport schema.


The public transport schema should cover all possible kinds of public transport, but there is currently no mention of aviation (e.g. plane and helicopter) as kind of public transport.


The plane service between Hong Kong and Vancouver can be tagged with route=plane, and the helicopter service between Hong Kong and Macau can be tagged with route=helicopter



role count description
way 1 or more The way making up the route(deleted as considered not verifiable)
nodepublic_transport=stop_position stop/stop_entry_only/stop_exit_only 2 or more the stopping position of the flight, e.g. the gate at the airport or the heliport
nodewayareapublic_transport=platform platform/platform_entry_only/platform_exit_only 2 or more the place where the passenger boards / alights the aircraft


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