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information=qr code
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: B-unicycling
Tagging: information=qr_code
Applies to: node
Definition: A QR code which provides information about a location of interest to tourists.

Drafted on: 2022-06-20
RFC start: 2022-06-20

In Wales (and maybe other places), QR codes are used at locations of historical interest to provide quick information about the location. This is only for cases of tourism=information where the QR code and its title are the sole source of information (see examples below). If the QR code is part of a information=board, it is suggested to use qr_code=yes instead.


It is proposed to map these QR codes with tourism=information + information=qr_code. A mapillary=* link can be provided as proof of existence and survey.


Just like any other information=* point, it is useful to have them mapped to see their distribution.


Add node at location of QR code sticker with the following tags:

Necessary tags


Additional (optional) tags

title:cy=* for the Welsh title on the sticker
title:en=* for the English title
+ (whatever other language applies)
url=* for the URLs targeted by the QR code; semicolon-separated, if there is more than one (there are usually two on the Welsh stickers)
mapillary=* can be provided as proof of survey and proof of existence of the sticker



Like other tourism=information

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