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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: katpatuka
Tagging: natural=lakeshore
Applies to: way
Definition: Proposal to distinguish big lakes and reservoirs from small lakes (natural=water) and sea (natural=coastline)
Rendered as: *
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 07.09.2008
RFC start: 07.09.2008
Vote start: *
Vote end: *

Proposed new tag: natural=lakeshore


This is a proposal to be able to distinguish big lakes and reservoirs from small lakes (natural=water) and sea (natural=coastline) tagged ways.

Applies to

Lakes with more than 500 nodes.

How to Map

Same as natural=coastline.

Tag Values



Can be rendered the same way as coastline.

Initial Comments

There is a need to make the rendering of big lakes and reservoirs with more than 500 nodes distinguishable from small lakes (with less than 500 nodes) and seas. Especially if working with JOSM's Lakewalker to create the outline of a big lake one has to choose natural=coastline - otherwise one would have to create a natural=water with say 20.000 nodes, (which makes loading in either JOSM or potlatch very slow) - or one has to manually split the 20.000-node-lake into water-subparts which is not a very nice solution. Coastline should be only applied to seas.

Please use the discussion page for comments.


Voting has not started. Please comment and discuss the proposal.