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OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
JOSM Katpatuka submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
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Logo xp.png Katpatuka uses a Windows XP-based computer.
Flag of Turkey.svg Katpatuka has mapped in Turkey.
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Katpatuka has mapped in the People's Republic of China
de Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
tr-2 Bu kullanıcı orta seviyede Türkçe anlıyor.

Map maniac, at one time according to neis even a bot! ;)
Also busy on  katpatuka (en),  katpatuka (tr),  katpatuka (zh)

main personal goals

  • editing Turkey and China
  • mapping under-mapped countries
  • railway systems
  • main river systems, reservoirs, watersheds
  • boundaries

internal links

my non-standard tags

edited areas

many many lakes, rivers, railways and roads in many many countries, see on world map or inspect the heat map...