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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Zverik
Tagging: landuse=trees
Applies to: way area
Definition: a line or area of planted trees; synonym to landuse=forest
Rendered as: exactly like landuse=forest
Drafted on: 2010-03-18


An area of a line of managed trees, the same as landuse=forest


The value of landuse=forest is too specific. We have a lot of problems because of that, on a regular basis. Most users when tagging think: "this is not a forest", and use some other less suitable tag, like natural=wood or leisure=park. Sometimes even strange proposals like natural=tree_row get approved because of this uncertainty (while we have more reasonable landuse=treerow proposal). We need a clear way of distinguishing managed and naturally grown trees, and landuse tag group is the way.

Meaning and usage

  • On a large area area relation this tag is exactly the same as landuse=forest. It's up to a mapper to decide whether it's a forest or just a lot of trees.
  • On a small area area this tag means an area with managed number of trees on it. Again, the same as landuse=forest, but without the forest meaning.
  • On a way way it means a row of trees. Those are always human-planted (trees don't naturally grow in line) and often managed (to prevent falling on nearby roads and blocking the sun).
  • On a node this tag could mean a single tree, but the majority of natural=tree we have already means that. So, to prevent retagging and uncertainty, single nodes should not be tagged with landuse=trees, but with natural=tree instead.

This is not a proposal to rename existing landuse=forest! It just introduces a synonym to save mappers time of thinking whether some bunch of trees is a forest or not.

Additional Attributes

Tagging rules are exactly the same as for landuse=forest.




This proposal deprecates natural=tree_row.


Please use the talk page.


Will start eventually.