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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Javbw
Tagging: level:ref=*
Applies to: node area
Definition: a tag for labeling the location of a POI in a multifloor building with non-standard level names, using either word or number based values.
Rendered as: value rendered with currently rendered POI labels & icons at z19 or higher, or when information for a searched POI is presented to a user.
RFC start: November 8, 2015


Mapping shops and other searchable amenities in malls or multistory buildings (large train stations), the level the POI is located on may not be referred to by it's absolute level value. Having level:ref=* allows for a POI's floor information to be entered when the floor either doesn't line up with the physical floor, or when the floor is named, and not referenced by a simple number. This is is common with complicated buildings, where floors are named (observation deck, basement 3, Roof, Mezzanine) or when using a ref number that doesn't line up to the actual value for floor=* value. This information is especially useful when the floor is not included in the POI's offical address information or the level:ref=* data is the only reference to the location of the POI, rather than an absolute level=* value.


Large buildings often have special names given to levels. And levels might not match up to a standard level=* value. For navigation purposes, giving the map user the floor's referenced name, rather than the actual floor number is much more useful. This is especially true for high-traffic tourist locations, such as the Tokyo Skytree. The large complex at the base of the tower uses standard floor numbering (1F, 2F, etc) but the observation decks high up the tower, which have restaurants, shops, and other POIs, are not labeled with conventional floor numbers - they use their height in meters off the ground. These floors are not labeled 95F, 96F, 97F, they are labeled "Floor 340, Floor 345, and Floor 350), Please the the floor guide to see further examples - such as the phrase "Official [gift shops] are on 1F, 5F, and Floor 345"

Other more common examples include named floors, such as "observation deck", "Mezzanine", "Lobby", "field", "roof", and various basement, parking, and building:part values, such as B3, P4, or W7 (West 7).


When tagging a POI on a multi-floor building, include the normal level=* if it's location is a standard floor number, which also corresponds to the building's actual floors.

If the absolute level value and the referenced floor value do not line up, use level:ref=* to reference the named floor number it is located on.

name: Train Station Cafe Level=1 Level:ref=B1

If the floor has no valid level=* value and only a special name (such as some of the examples above), use only level:ref=* to tag the value.

name=Sky View Cafe 634 level:ref=Floor 345

If the POI's location is on a numbered and named level (such as 1/Lobby, 25/Observation deck, 50/Sky Lobby 2, etc), tag the level value using level=* ( *and* addr:floor=* if the floor number is in the official address information for the POI) and the name of the floor using level:ref=*.

Name=Sky View Gifts level=25 level:ref=Observation Deck

Applies to

Any POI located on a non-standard or named floor where the information is useful to navigation.

This is not a replacement for location=*.


Possibly appended to an icon's label for a POI when rendered at high zoom level, or when that POI's information is displayed to a user via search/query, along with all the other POI information. The level:ref=* information should take prioirty over the level=* value.

Features/Pages affected

addr:floor=* level=* shop=*


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