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wooded meadow
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Dalkvist
Tagging: meadow=wooded_meadow
Applies to: area
Definition: A vegetation complex consisting of small copses of trees and shrubs and patches of open meadows.

Rendered as: Green like landuse=meadow with tree icons like landuse=forest
Draft started: 2017-04-30
RFC start: 2017-05-01


 Wooded meadows/pastures are an old mixed land use stil practiced around the Baltic sea. They are basically a meadow, both for growing fodder and for pasturing with sparse tree cover. The trees are/were used for  pollarding and historically all oaks were the property of the Swedish crown reserved for building ships, forcing farmers to work around them.

In the US this practice is called  silvopasture and is actively encouraged in Florida, by both the University Extension and the Department of Agriculture.

Ingelsta ekbackar, den 11 juli 2007, bild 7
Jungfruskär pastures, Pargas, Finland


The Swedish community are looking into doing a slow import of landuse from Natura 2000. During the transformation preparations this is one of the subtags that are missing from OSM and it feels wasteful to throw away this information.


According to the EU Natura 2000 reports, there are around 1000 protection-worthy ones in the Baltic region. starting at page 22


landuse=meadow and meadow=wooded_meadow

With leaf_type=* and leaf_cycle=* as appropriate.

And possibly pasture=* (if used for pasture) pollarding=* (if the trees are used to get fodder or firewood)

Why meadow sub-type and not a new landuse tag?

In the natura 2000 hierarchy it falls under the general grassland category. The usage for fodder and/or grazing fits well with how we tag similarly used things (without trees) with meadow. There is a parallel to wetland where we have both mango groves and bogs as sub-types that are very different. But give mappers and data consumers that don’t care about that level of detail an option just to use the top tag.


Green like landuse=meadow with tree icons like landuse=forest

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