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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: fkv
Tagging: natural=spire
Applies to: node area
Definition: A rock spire.
Rendered as: upright isosceles triangle
Drafted on: 2015-01-05
RFC start: tbd
Vote start: tbd
Vote end: tbd


Some comments on Proposed features/cliff clarification request a dedicated tag for rock spires. So here it is. Feel free to take over this proposal if you want to speed it up.


A rock spire is an upright, needle-shaped rock, formed by the erosion of surrounding rock material. In some cases, the spire itself is protected by an uplying boulder. A spire can also be a remainder of the walls of a collapsed cave.



Most rock spires have a diameter of up to a few meters. Therefore, mapping them as nodes should normally be sufficient. However, it is possible to micro-map them as areas.

Use this tag only for rocks whose height is a multiple of the longest horizontal diameter.


One common and simple symbol is an upright isosceles triangle.

Useful combinations

  • name=* The name of the spire.
  • ele=* The elevation of its peak.
  • height=* The relative height of the spire.
  • diameter=* The diameter at ground level. Maybe useful when mapped as a node.


This deprecates natural=cliff on nodes which has essentially the same meaning, but is rarely used.

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