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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: b-unicycling
Tagging: quiet_hours=*
Applies to: node / way / area / relation
Definition: To facilitate people looking for autism friendly opening hours.

Draft started: 2022-03-27
RFC start: 2022-03-27


A tag for autism friendly opening hours is suggested without using the word "autism" following the use of the French "heure silencieuse". They would apply to the node / way / area / relation which also holds the regular opening_hours=*.


More and more retail chains like Supervalu[1], Lidl Ireland[2][3], Penneys[4][5], Marks & Spencers[6], Tesco[7] and Vodafone Ireland[8] make part of their opening hours more accommodating to customers on the autism spectrum with dimmed lights, refraining from distracting background music, scanning sounds on lower volume etc. Following the discussion of the previously proposed opening_hours:autism, it was decided to adapt the key.


quiet_hours=* with the day of the week and the hours affected.



No special rendering suggested. If people want to created their own map with autism friendly shops, they can of course create an icon for their map.

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