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Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Spielkind
Tagging: sport=scuba_diving
Applies to: node, way, area
Definition: To mark a known place for scuba diving and dive relevant places, refined version of tag:sport=diving

Rendered as: *
Draft started: 2009-08-28
RFC start: 2009-09-01
Vote start: *
Vote end: *

Replaced by Proposed features/scuba_diving2


Tagging of scuba diving relevant things like dive-spots, dive-shops, dive-centers etc.

This proposal covers

Maybe the proposal needs to be split if genereal consensus on all proposed issues is hard to find.



OpenSeaMap is rendering diving-spots.
Select "Sport layer"
Rendered in z=14..18


The exact location of an interesting divespot is a useful information for divers to plan a dive trip or to organize a diving holiday. Especially as such places usually aren't marked by signs and are therefore hard to find for strangers. Being on holiday the location of the closest dive-center might be a crucial factor to decide where exactly to stay :-)


As scuba diving is a kind of sport, it's obvious to tag it as sport=*. To distinguish it from cliff-diving, it's proposed to use the value sport=scuba_diving. This also is in agreement to the naming on Wikipedia's list of sports (

The tag may be used to

  • mark interesting or known dive-spots in nature
  • mark man made indoor dive attractions
  • mark shops or centers that offer scuba-diving relevant services

Since sport=scuba_diving is a non-physical tag, it should be combined with other (physical) tags, describing specific attributes of a dive spot. Therefore a namespace scuba_diving:*=* and a key scuba_diving=* respectively are proposed.

To mark a dive-center amenity=dive_centre and to mark a dive-shop shop=scuba_diving are proposed.

For more details please see below.


The namespace may be used to describe a dive location more precisely:

Key Value Element Description Example
scuba_diving:divespot name of the divespot node,way
scuba_diving:entry boat/shore node describing the standard way to access the divespot
scuba_diving:type wall, wreck, cave, reef, drift, archeology... node describing the kind of divespot
scuba_diving:descent_line yes/no node defining if a buoy with a descent/ascent line is available or not
scuba_diving:depth XYm node,way,area average or most interesting depth
scuba_diving:maxdepth XYm node maximum depth at the divespot
scuba_diving:platform XYm node availabilty of a platform for training and depth of the platform


+ scuba_diving:name=Blue hole
+ scuba_diving:entry=shore
+ scuba_diving:type=cave
+ scuba_diving:descent_line=yes
+ scuba_diving:depth=30m
+ scuba_diving:maxdepth=60m

To map more than just the general location of a dive spot the tag scuba_diving=* is proposed for more precise mapping of divespot layout:

Key Value Element Description Example Icon
scuba_diving descent_point node defining the standard point to descent, maybe marked by a buoy
scuba_diving ascent_point node defining the standard point to ascent, maybe marked by a buoy
scuba_diving route way proposed dive route, e.g. due to the course of the wall or direction of current


In addition to mapping dive spots it is definitively useful to map dive-shops and dive-centers as well. The following should be distinguishable:

  • dive centers with full service
  • air fill stations withouth any service
  • dive shops selling equipment but not offering training or air fill
  • any combination of the above

The following tags are proposed, but might be discussed in an extra proposal:

For dive-centers, usually located near dive spots, the usage of amenity=dive_centre supported by some additional attributes describing the service offered is proposed.

key value description examples
scuba_diving:organization organization of the center/shop according to Wikipedias List of Diver Trainer Organzations relevant especially for training and licensing PADI, CMAS, SSI
scuba_diving:education yes/no availability of training and licensing according to the organization defined in diving:organization=*
scuba_diving:rental yes/no availibility of equipment rental
scuba_diving:air_fill yes/no air fill available
scuba_diving:nitrox yes/no NITROX/Enriched air available
scuba_diving:spoken_languages language codes according to ISO 639-1 available languages spoken by guides or instructors, of special interest for training and licensing issues en, de, fr
scuba_diving:equipment_service yes/no availability of service for equipment is available


+name=Dive Center XY

Pressure Chambers

+amenity:pressure_chamber=* perhaps also in combination with a hospital.

Air Fill Stations

For air fill stations, not offering any other kind of dive related service it is proposed to use scuba_diving:air_fill=yes. It might be useful for e.g. fire-fighter stations offering the filling of tanks. On specialised diving-maps, these stations may be rendered with an appropriate icon.

name=Fire-Fighters XY


Sometimes in greater cities there are shops being specialized on dive-equipment but not offering any kind of training or guided tours. For such shops shop=scuba_diving is proposed.


+name=Dive Shop XY


The tagging may be combined, e.g. for big dive centers offering training, guided-tours, air fill and having a small shop selling dive equipment. Renders will probably use a special variation of a dive-center icon to distinguish if a shop is included or not.

+name=Dive Center XY

Applies to

Nodesnode, ways way and areas area.

  • Nodes might be used for dive spots, shops or dive centers
  • Ways might be useful for elongate dive places like routes, drift dives etc.
  • Areas might be used to mark interesting areas like coral reefs or underwater attractions

Existing Tags

  • This proposal was developed from sport=diving. The tag was discussed on tag:sport=diving, but the discussion ceased some time ago without a real result. Still, some useful comments were made at the site, please have a look at the discussion there.
  • currently (as of 29.08.2009) lists the following usage of existing tags (>5 entries)
key value usage map (nodes) map (ways)
sport diving 185 Due to changes in Query-to-map this Template does not work anymore. You can use Template:Osm-query2. Please replace or delete this use of Osm-query template. [ dead link ]

Due to changes in Query-to-map this Template does not work anymore. You can use Template:Osm-query2. Please replace or delete this use of Osm-query template. [ dead link ]

sport scuba diving 20
sport:scuba yes 128
shop dive_centre 45
shop diving 35
shop dive_shop 5

Rendering in OpenSeaMap

The OpenSeaMap might be a good place for rendering the dive-relevant information.

Example in OpenSeaMap - Switch on the "SportsLayer" !

Rendered as "Diver-Icon"

other form: Diver-down-flag.png


Please comment and discuss on the talk-page.

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