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Status: Proposals with undefined or invalid status (inactive)
Proposed by: Jasonpstewart
Tagging: cycleway=shared_lane
Applies to: ways
Definition: Used to identify roads which contain a shared lane marking, or sharrow, to indicate that the travel lane is shared by bicycles and other vehicles.
Rendered as: see below
Drafted on: 2009-01-23
RFC start: 2014-10-08
Vote start: *
Vote end: *
Shared lane in Toronto
On the right a shared lane with sharrows, on the left a contra-flow cycle lane with different bike pictograms (Boise, Idaho)
On the right a Proposed_features/cycleway=soft_lane (recommended & reserved), on the left a shared lane (Vichy, France)


The shared use is marked by repeated pictograms. Each of these pictograms my be either the classical North American sharrow, or another combination of a bike logo and a chevron or arrow, or simply a bike logo. It mustn't be identical to traffic signes used for obligatory cycleways in the same country.

The file of pictograms (in some country, the Czech Republic, called a "pictogram corridor") may be placed either central or decentral in that lane. According to the U.S. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (see linked sources), shared lane markings shall prevent cyclist to ride too near to the curb/kerb or paring cars.

There is no marked limit between cycling space and the space for motor vehicles.


"Sharrows" and "pictogramn corridors", as mentioned above, are the markings, not the lane.

In France, the shared lane is called "voie partagée".


Other types of cycling facilities on the carriageway have marked limits to adjacent car lanes:

  • Obligatory cycle lanes ought to be tagged cycleway=lane or perhaps cycleway=strict_lane
  • Cycle lanes with partial admission of cars also on the cycle lane and/or bicycles also on the car lane ought to be tagged cycleway=soft_lane, see current voting.
  • A lane-in-lane has a marked limit, too.
  • Dutch suggestiestroken (suggestion lanes) never have pictograms. Sometimes they have another colour or pavement, rather than a limiting line, but always they are rather segregating than integrating. They might get their specific tag cycleway=suggestive (not yet proposed)
  • For roads, where the pictograms are painted on spaces used for parking instead of apart from them, the tag cycleway=shared_lane should not be used.


Specifications are sometimes neccessary: cycleway:right=shared_lane/*:left=/*:both=

Practically, is already used, see taginfo:

Proposed rendering

  • In large scales, shared lanes may be rendered with repreted chevrons on the road signature.
  • In small scales, the road borders may be modified, for instance a dashed border between highway type color and cycleway=lane color.



(not yet available)

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