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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: chris66
Tagging: route=shuttle_train
Applies to: way relation
Definition: Proposal for Shuttle Train Routes

Rendered as: *
Draft started: 2010-09-08
RFC start: 2012-03-16



Until now Routing applications have no possibility to route via Shuttle Trains.

Similar to Ferry-Routes on Shuttle Trains cars are transported from some start point to some end point.


The Shuttle Train Route Niebüll-Westerland (Sylt/Germany) is mapped using the proposed tag.

Autoverladung Furka-Pass is mapped using the proposed tag:

Euro-Shuttle Calais-Dover is mapped using the proposed tag:


A way with the tag route=shuttle_train is mapped from the start to the end point of the connection. On the end points the way is connected to the road network.

Instead of a way also a relation with the tag route=shuttle_train may be used (recommended).

The transition points from railway to the road network are marked with railway=car_shuttle.

Usefull combinations

The tag duration=* may be used to indicate the avarage transportation time (without transit times).

The tag access=* may be used to indicate who is allowed to use the shuttle service.


List of Routers respecting this tag (maybe incomplete):

route=shuttle_train mapped as a way:

route=shuttle_train mapped as relation:


Please use the discussion page for comments.


Not yet started.