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Status: Proposed (under way)
Tagging: toll=[[Tag:toll='''<COUNTRY CODE>:'''fee/vignette/meter|'''<COUNTRY CODE>:'''fee/vignette/meter]]
Applies to: way
Definition: Wether you have to pay a certain toll to use the way (eg. on motorways)
Rendered as: none, only for routing
Drafted on: 18:52, 7 May 2019 (UTC)
RFC start: 2019-05-08


The key already exists here. It's about updating it with useful information.
So far the tags yes and no make up 98.98% of the key. Looking at other routing aps a simple "yes there is indeed a toll" is no longer enough to ensure detailed quality routing.


In almost every country where there are roads you have to pay for some of them. Mostly highways, trunks and the like. But also private roads that can be accessed by paying a fee.


As said there are many examples:

  • motorways
  • trunks
  • private roads
  • certain tunnels


toll already is an existing key. It would not only include various new tags, but also would be combined with already existing key components (eg. toll:hgv, toll:bicycle, toll:conditional, etc.). See also headline New page layout for more tagging information

Applies to

Only ways


None. There is no use in rendering this key since it would make a simple map way too complicated. It would be only used for navigational maps.

Features/Pages affected

Since this is a standalone key it wouldn't effect any other keys.

External discussions

On the key's talk page


Please comment on the discussion page.

New page layout

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Toll roads charge money for some or all traffic. Edit or translate this description.
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodesmay be used on waysshould not be used on areasshould not be used on relations
Useful combination
Status: in use

Use toll=* to indicate that a fee must be paid by general traffic to use a road, road bridge or road tunnel.

How to map

There are various ways how a fee for a road can be collected. Note that the ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code country code has to be placed before the actual tag (eg. GB, US, DE, FR, etc.)
Only portions of a way should be marked with toll where paying the fee can either not be avoided (eg. beyond a toll booth or motorway links) or unlawful behaviour is punished by a toll authority.

Possible tags are:

  • fee - The fee is paid per use with eg. coins, notes, debit cards, etc.
  • vignette - The fee is paid through buying a vignette once and sticking it to some part of the vehicle. The road can be used multiple times with the vignette.
  • meter - The fee is paid per use automatically after some sort of meter has collected the data.
  • no - This should ONLY be used on streets where a toll would be expected but some reason there is none

Should be used in combination with: toll:type=

  • time - The fee is paid once and the road can be used as much as you like within a certain time zone (eg. a year, a month, several days)
  • distance - The fee is paid per distance. The more often the road is used the more money it costs.

Note that the tag yes must not be used since it's too generic and does not offer any additional information on which type of toll system is used and how the toll is paid.


Image Example Tags Notes
  • Regular toll on a motorway for all cars in Italy
  • Paid at a toll booth
  • Paid once for each usage
  • Regular toll on a motorway for all cars in Austria
  • Paid with a vignette
  • Paid once for a certain periode of time
  • Regular toll on a trunk for all cars in Germany
  • Paid with a vignette for regulal motorcars and with a meter for heavy goods vehicles (hgv)
  • Paid once for a certain periode of time of motorcars and per distance for heavy goods vehicles (hgv)
  • Regular toll for passing a tunnel for all cars in Switzerland
  • Paid at a toll booth
  • Paid once for each usage
  • Toll on a way only for heavy goods vehicles (hgv) in France
  • Paid online using a bank account
  • Paid per distance driven
  • Toll on all ways within Göteborg (Sweden). The data for all entries to the city area is automatically collected by overhead cameras
  • Paid online using a bank account
  • Paid once each day the city area is entered

  • Toll on all ways within London from Mo-Fr between 07:00-18:00. The data for all entries to the city area is automatically collected by overhead cameras
  • Paid online using a bank account
  • Paid once each day the city area is entered

toll:conditional=GB:meter @ (Mo-Fr AND 07:00-18:00)
  • Toll on a bridge in the United states that can only be used by bicycles and motorcycles
  • Paid at a toll booth
  • Paid once for each usage but only for motorcycles (not for bicycles)
  • Toll on a track for snowmobiles in canada
  • Paid at the town hall
  • Paid once each year for one season