Public service vehicles

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Public service vehicles (often abbreviated to PSV, or psv in tags) will often have special rules applying to them, especially in cities.

  • psv=* - it is an access tag used in cases where access to entire object (almost always road) has special rules for PS vehicles (such as road accessible only to PSVs, pedestrians, and bicycles).
  • oneway:psv=* - for overriding oneway=* not applying to any PSV
  • turn:psv:lanes=* - for cases where PSV has special turn rules, specific only for them
  • psv:lanes=* - For describing the legal accessibility per lane (Example value: yes|yes|designated).
  • lanes:psv=* - For counting how many lanes are reserved for PSV

bus=*, taxi=* and other more specific tags should be used where necessary.

Public service vehicle, the term

It is a legal term, defined in UK[1] as "(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, in this Act "public service vehicle" means a motor vehicle (other than a tramcar) which—

(a) being a vehicle adapted to carry more than eight passengers, is used for carrying passengers for hire or reward; or
(b) being a vehicle not so adapted, is used for carrying passengers for hire or reward at separate fares in the course of a business of carrying passengers."

Note that meaning of this term may be slightly different in other regions, there may be also very similar terms where it makes sense to use this tag. For example country that defines equivalent term with "more than ten passengers" rather than with "more than eight passengers" then it makes sense to use also this tag rather than create new tag like psv_10_passengers=*.