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On a municipio by municipio basis, import or manually digitize buildings' footprints with addresses.


The aim of this project is to improve Puerto Rico's building footprint and physical address data by contacting municipal governments and persuading them to free their data. The newly freed data is then imported into OSM using the Community's import guidelines, providing documentation and respecting previous contributions. Before importing, the data is processed to add the appropriate OSM tags and split according to custom grids for manual import.

Example of residential buildings with addresses in Guaynabo.


License (source data)

Bayamón, San Juan, Guaynabo: Public domain.

Caguas: permission has been granted to Víctor Ramírez to redistribute with ODBL

Public Housing buildings: Track.It

Buildings with Addresses and Height Tags Template

Key Value
building=* yes
height=* "height in meters"
addr:housenumber=* "house number if any"
addr:street=* "name of street if any"
source=* "some entity"
source:en=* "some entity"

Import Process

Public Housing buildings

  • Over 10,000 buildings across Puerto Rico are to be imported. Buildings will only feature the "building=residential" tag. This buildings are being identified related to public housing according to areas drawn up by "Departamento de Vivienda". There will be manual work to make sure no buildings are being duplicated and pre-existing buildings in OSM are to be kept.

Dedicated user account

The import process outlined above needs to be carried out with a dedicated user account. Follow this pattern for creating a user account name just for this project:


So for user igeopr, the name for the import account would be:


Subproject Status

Municipio / Jurisdiction Data Availability Building Footprints With Housenumber With Street Import Status
Bayamón Free Updated footprints yes no Complete
San Juan Free 1997 footprints no no Complete
Guaynabo Free Updated footprints yes no Complete
Island-wide Public Housing Free Updated footprints no no Complete
Caguas Free Updated footprints yes yes Complete
Luquillo Pending release of data ?? ?? ?? Pending
Carolina Unresponsive to requests ?? ?? ?? ??