Putting OSM maps on a GPS

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This is a means of checking whether you need to take that side trip or not when mapping, as well as being one of the reasons for mapping in the first place.


See also OSM Map On Garmin and Routable_garmin_maps

Ready-made / Windows

  • From OSM Australia [1] you can download new .img files every week. You can stitch these together with QLandKarte GT/M.
  • Download the .img files already processed by a friendly person called stevez - [2]
  • Then use an application called M3 to import it into Mapsource and then transferred it to the GPS.
  • To use M3 you have to rename the files you download from Stevez' site (details - [3]) then you have to download M3. Unfortunately this requires you to register for an account on the maker's forums before you're able to download it - it's free and requires only a couple of minutes and a valid email address. The forum thread is here - [4].
  • On a laptop/desktop you can also view this with GPSMapEdit a shareware program, runs on Windows or under Wine.
  • Custom Garmin .img files for rural areas [5]

Roll your own / Linux

  • In JOSM collect all the required information in a single layer.
  • Save with the .osm ending
  • Use Mkgmap "java -jar mkgmap.jar data.osm"
  • Copy this to the Garmin as gmapsupp.img
  • Stevez also gives a good explanation of how to build State-by-State maps [6]
  • Other sources of osm files
    • [7] (link no longer works)
    • [8] (README dated April, 2008)
    • [9] (link no longer works)


  • Untested suggestion to use ImageMagick to convert to bmp format.

see TomTom for further suggestions