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OpenStreetMap of the Scout Area
The QC Scout Area Mapping Party is an OpenStreetMap event that will be held on February 12, 2011, Saturday, in Quezon City. Join us and help make the best free and open map of the Scout Area!

What is a Mapping Party?

Mapping Parties are events where anyone can come and participate in the OpenStreetMap project. OpenStreetMap is a free and open source map that can be contributed, edited and used by anyone anywhere. Mapping Parties are social events where experienced and new mappers can meet to share and learn more about the project. The events are generally held in a public place, and allow time for discussions, mapping and editing.

The event is open to all. Are you a newbie interested in OpenStreetMapping? We will help you get started right away. Are you a business owner who wants a map showing your business location? We can help get your business location in the map. Are you a Garmin GPS unit owner who wants a routable map in your device? We will load our map into your GPS unit.

It's fun. It's free. You can help.

Learn more about Mapping Parties in general.

Schedule of activities

The Mapping Party will happen the whole day of February 12, 2011, Saturday, and will consist of three parts: a morning meet-up, the actual field surveying, and the afternoon meet-up and editing session.

Time Venue Activity
8:00am – 10:00am McDonald's Timog Morning meet-up and briefing. Participants meet up to get briefed on the day's activities and to be assigned cake slices
10:00am – 4:00pm All over QC Scout Area Field survey. Participants go and survey their assigned slices
4:00pm onwards Baang Coffee (tentative) Afternoon meet-up and Bing workshop. Participants meet up for a post-survey briefing and a mini-workshop on editing using Bing imagery will be held

What will we map?

General objectives

Cake slices

Cake slicing is a phrase used in OpenStreetMap Mapping Parties where the area to be mapped (the cake) gets divided into smaller areas (the slices) such that each slice can be surveyed and mapped by around one to three people. It's basically your simple divide-and-conquer approach to mapping! The assignment of which cake slices will be surveyed by which people will be done during the morning briefing.

The planned cake slices are shown on the map below and listed in the table after.

Proposed cake slices
Number Title Area covered Notes
1 Western South Triangle Portion of Brgy. South Triangle west of Tomas Morato and northeast of Mother Ignacia Avenue
2 Eastern South Triangle Portion of Brgy. South Triangle east of Tomas Morato and southeast of Mother Ignacia Avenue
3 South of Delta Area bounded by Quezon Avenue, Timog Avenue, Scout Santiago, and Don Alejandro Roces Avenue
4 Laging Handa Portion of Brgy. Laging Handa east of Scout Santiago (and bounded by Timog Avenue, Tomas Morato, and Don Alejandro Roces Avenue)
5 East of Tomas Morato Area bounded by Tomas Morato, Timog Avenue, Scout Ybardolaza continuing on to Judge Damian Jimenez, and Diliman Creek
6 Eastern Kamuning Area bounded by Judge Damian Jimenez continuing on to Scout Ybardolaza, Timog Avenue, EDSA, and Diliman Creek
7 Roxas District Area bounded by Quezon Avenue, Don Alejandro Roces Avenue, Scout Reyes, Umbel, and the Diliman Creek and San Juan River
8 Obrero All of Brgy. Obrero (bounded by Don Alejandro Roces Avenue, Tomas Morato, and Diliman Creek) and the portion of Brgy. Roxas east of Scout Reyes and Umbel

Who will attend?

You can also signify your attendance over at the Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=150032921716419

Interested in helping out with the planning, organizing and logistics? Join the discussions in the mailing list.