Quality Assurance Tools script/Installation

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Enable and configure the necessary plugins in JOSM

  1. From the menu: Edit -> Preferences... ->
    • -> Plugins, enable "scripting" and "jts" plugins.
    • -> Remote control, enable remote control and uncheck "Download Data to New Layer", if checked.
    Click "OK" and restart JOSM.
  2. From the menu: Edit -> Preferences... ->
    • -> script-engine.png Scripting -> (First tab) Script engines -> CLick on "Get Jython" button.
      Note: it is not necessary to make any change to the other tabs.
    Click "OK".
  3. Download qat_script.zip file and extract its content to a directory named "qat_script".

The script works only with Java version 7.

Starting the script

  • From the menu: Scripting -> Run... choose the file qat_script.py, in qat_script directory.
If asked, choose Python as language.
  • After few seconds a new menu QA Tools will show up in JOSM.
The next time, the script will automatically appear under "Scripting" menu.

Updating the script

Download the zip file with the latest version of the script and overwrite the existing "qat_script" directory.

Optional: if you clicked on the "Ignore" button while using the script, (to add an error to your personal black-list), make a copy of the file "qat_script/data/ignoreids.csv" before deleting the old directory and add it to the new directory.