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Statements from public persons and experts.

Caleb Garling, Wired (01.09.2012)[1]

OpenStreetMap, or OSM, is yet another example of a project that manages to compete with a massive tech company simply by crowdsourcing a problem. Much like Wikipedia challenged Encyclopedia Britannica and Linux took on Microsoft Windows, OpenStreetMap is battling Google Maps, and at least in some cases, it’s winning.

Tim Berners-Lee (02.2009) [2]

Tim Berners-Lee at TED talk (starting at 14:03)

One last type of data I'll talk about, maybe it's the most exciting. Before I came down here, I looked it up on OpenStreetMap The OpenStreetMap's a map, but it's also a Wiki. Zoom in and that square thing is a theater -- which we're in right now -- The Terrace Theater. It didn't have a name on it. So I could go into edit mode, I could select the theater, I could add down at the bottom the name, and I could save it back. And now if you go back to the OpenStreetMap. org, and you find this place, you will find that The Terrace Theater has got a name. I did that. Me! I did that to the map. I just did that! I put that up on there. Hey, you know what? If I -- that street map is all about everybody doing their bit and it creates an incredible resource because everybody else does theirs. And that is what linked data is all about. It's about people doing their bit to produce a little bit, and it all connecting. That's how linked data works. You do your bit. Everybody else does theirs. You may not have lots of data which you have yourself to put on there but you know to demand it. And we've practiced that.

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