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Public-images-osm logo.svg bunker_type = pillbox
Pillbox at Curzon Bridges (South) cropped.jpg
A small abandoned World War 2 gun emplacement. Edit or translate this description.
Группа: Military
Используется на элементах
точки можно отмечать этим тегомлинии не принято отмечать этим тегомполигоны не принято отмечать этим тегомотношения не принято отмечать этим тегом
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Статус: одобрено


Indicates the position of a World War 2 defensive gun emplacement or similar structure, abandoned but still visible. There are about 6,000 of these left in the UK, and similar things in other parts of Europe. Some just left as ruins, some adapted to new uses.

This is not intended for in-use military installations.

How to map

Add a node at the position of the pillbox, and add the following tags to it:


The military=bunker tag applies to any kind of military installation built to withstand attack. The bunker_type key specifies the type of bunker.

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